A RestApiSource is a QueryBasedSource which uses RESTful Api for query. RestApiExtractor is a QueryBasedExtractor that uses REST to communicate with the source. To establish the communication, a RestApiConnector is required.



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A RestApiExtractor sets up the common routines to query information from a REST source, for example, extractMetadata, getMaxWatermark, getSourceCount, getRecordSet, which are mentioned in chapter QueryBasedSource. In terms of constructing the actual query and extracting the data from the response, the source specific layer holds the truth, for example, SalesforceExtractor.

A simplified general flow of routines is depicted in Figure 1:

Rest api extractor general routine flow

Figure 1: RestApiExtractor general routine flow

Depends on the routines, [getX], [constructGetXQuery], [extractXFromResponse] are

Description [getX] [constructGetXQuery] [extractXFromResponse]
Get data schema extractMetadata getSchemaMetadata getSchema
Calculate latest high watermark getMaxWatermark getHighWatermarkMetadata getHighWatermark
Get total counts of records to be pulled getSourceCount getCountMetadata getCount
Get records getRecordSet getDataMetadata getData

There are other interactions between the RestApiExtractor layer and SourceSpecificLayer. The key points are:

  • A ProtocolSpecificLayer, such as RestApiExtractor, understands the protocol and sets up a routine to communicate with the source
  • A SourceSpecificLayer, such as SalesforceExtractor, knows the source and fits into the routine by providing and analyzing source specific information


Configuration Key Default Value Description
source.querybased.query Optional The query that the extractor should execute to pull data.
source.querybased.excluded.columns Options Names of columns excluded while pulling data. Optional List of columns that are associated with the watermark.
extract.primary.key.fields Optional List of columns that will be used as the primary key for the data.