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Gobblin-modules is a way to support customization of the gobblin-distribution build.

One of the core features of Gobblin is ability to integrate for a number of systems for data management (sources, targets, monitoring, etc.) Often this leads to inclusion of libraries specific to those systems. Sometimes, such systems also introduce incompatible changes in their APIs (e.g. Kafka 0.8 vs Kafka 0.9).

As the adoption of Gobblin grows and we see an increased number of such dependencies, it is no longer easy (or possible) to maintain a single monolithic gobblin-distribution build. This is where gobblin-modules.

How it works


We are moving non-core functionality which may bring conflicting or large external dependencies to a new location: gobblin-modules/. This contains the collection of libraries (modules) which bring external depenencies.

For example, currently we have:

  • gobblin-kafka-08 - source, writer, metrics reporter using Kafka 0.8 API
  • gobblin-metrics-graphite - metrics reporter to Graphite

Other libraries can refer to those modules using standard Gradle dependencies.

Gobblin flavor

We have added a build property gobblinFlavor which controls what modules to be build and included in the gobblin-distribution tarball. The property can be used as follows

    ./gradlew -PgobblinFlavor=minimal build

Gobblin libraries that support customization can add build files like gobblin-flavor-<FLAVOR>.gradle which declare the dependencies. For example, let's look at the current gobblin-core/gobblin-flavor-standard.gradle :

dependencies {
  compile project(':gobblin-modules:gobblin-kafka-08')

That specifies that the "standard" flavor of Gobblin will include the Kafka 0.8 source, writer and metric reporter.

When one specifies the -PgobblinFlavor=<FLAVOR> during build time, the build script will automatically include the dependencies specified in the corresponding gobblin-flavor-<FLAVOR>.gradle files in any library that contains such file.

Currently, Gobblin defines 4 flavors out of the box:

  • minimal - no modules
  • standard - standard modules for frequently used components. This is the flavor used if none is explicitly specified
  • cluster - modules for running Gobblin clusters (YARN, AWS, stand-alone)
  • full - all non-conflicting modules
  • custom - by default, like minimal but lets users/developers modify and customize the dependencies to be included.

Users/developers can define their own flavor files.

Current flavors and modules

Module Flavors Description
gobblin-azkaban standard, full Classes to run gobblin jobs in Azkaban
gobblin-aws cluster, full Classes to run gobblin clusters on AWS
gobblin-cluster cluster, full Generic classes for running Gobblin clusters
gobblin-compliance full Source,converters, writer for cleaning existing datasets for compliance purposes
gobblin-helix full State store implementation using Helix/ZK
gobblin-kafka-08 standard, full Source, writer and metrics reporter using Kafka 0.8 APIs
gobblin-kafka-09 Source, writer and metrics reporter using Kafka 0.9 APIs
gobblin-metrics-graphite standard, full metrics reporter to Graphite
gobblin-metrics-influxdb standard, full metrics reporter to InfluxDB
gobblin-metrics-hadoop standard, full metrics reporter to Hadoop counters
gobblin-yarn cluster, full Classes to run gobblin clusters on YARN as a native app
google-ingestion standard, full Source/extractors for GoogleWebMaster, GoogleAnalytics, GoogleDrive
gobblin-azure-datalake full FileSystem for Azure Data lake

Note: Some grandfathered modules may not be in the gobblin-modules/ directory yet. Typically, those are in the root directory.

What's next

We are in the process of moving existing external dependencies out of gobblin-core into separate modules. To preserve backwards compatibility, we will preserve package and class names and make the "standard" flavor of gobblin-core depend on these modules.

In the future, new external source, writer and other dependencies are expected to be added directly to gobblin-modules/. Further, we may decide to switch modules between flavors to conrol the number of external dependencies. This will always be done with advanced notice.